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Everything you need to know about buying best bridal lehenga

Everything you need to know about buying best bridal lehenga

  • shweta bhandari

We all have dreamed about buying the best lehenga for our wedding day. Walking down on a path of flowers wearing the best lehenga with all the eyes on us, awestruck. That's basically the dream of every girl. Though the design, color, the texture may differ. One thing that remains the same is that we all want that one lehenga that stood out on its own. And why not? It’s our day and everything needs to be just perfect especially our lehenga.


Buying a lehenga is only as easy as it shows on TV. In real life, it takes a lot of time, a plan, and an idea.


Do your sourcing and decide your budget before you get to buy it:

Put your budget to a minimum to the maximum before you get on the wagon to buy it.

Also, do your complete research by checking online about the latest designer sarees and lehenga. You can also take some inspiration from Pinterest because we all know how apt Pinterest is when it comes to trendy fashion whether traditional or western.

You could also do sourcing from the physical market place, where exclusive lehengas are being made or designed. Basically, you should have a vague idea about what you want before you could turn it into reality. There are so many works and designs that they offer. Go see for yourself and decide what works best for you. Going in blind can be mentally exhausting and confusing.


Your whole outfit matters:

Before deciding on the lehenga, you should also see it blouse and dupatta as both of them bring the whole look together especially the dupatta as it acts as a cherry on the top for your own attire.


Decide your whole look: 

After deciding the lehenga go for jewelry that compliments your lehenga and doesn’t clash with it. As everything should stand out on its own rather than overshadowing one another.


Choose a fabric that goes with the season and also accessories:

 If it’s a winter wedding so it would be great to get a matching shawl to your lehenga as it helps with the cold and also compliments the outfit. If it's a summer wedding opt for light color and breathable material.



We all know our body type and we also know not everything works with it. Thus choose the design that compliments your body. Fitting should be proper because good fitting, not only complements the dress but also the whole look. Try to do your fitting before a week of your wedding day because last-minute fitting may not be that rewardable.

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