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Our Story

 ZISHA, Our brand is one of our greatest assets. It's not just our logo, Slogan and Design Scheme, but our Customers' total experience of our Determination, Hard Work and Patience. 

Our Focus is to Deliver high Quality Products to Our Customers, We value your Trust and Expectations.

Hello, Namaste, Sat Sri AkaI - I am SHWETA BHANDARI owner of ZISHA ; classy & fabulous. My brand is really close to  my heart because it has been my dream from past 5 years. Well honesty is very expensive nowadays so lets start our story with some facts - The reason I planned to launch ZISHA because 5 years ago I had gone to a showroom with my mother to buy some Sarees, while selecting for her I saw myself quite engaged with all the designs, fabrics and style it was really captivating. I still remember the day, my mother was so joyful after buying few dresses and I could not stop thinking about how much intrigued i am to start my own brand as well as help people full filling their needs and make them look great in everything they wear. Well When we buy something for ourselves or to gift someone which is indeed worth the price, we never regret and it satisfies us to the core. Online shopping could be a tough choice sometime but we will try our best not to disappoint any of our Customers,

You are precious to us.

Being an actor my self I am big fond of fashion and knowing what other people would love to wear is how we work, our team is totally dedicated to provide various types of style, designs and amazing results. You tell us we'll provide hence you get what you want and likewise. We believe giving other women confidence in whatever they wear, It has to be great as well as comfortable. Every women is extraordinary, choosing the best designs and style makes them stand out and that is our mantra. If you are looking for something we offer then ZISHA is the right place. Our online retail store which highly aim to full fill the need of women all over world in the world of fashion. The slogan classy and fabulous is to define that your choice of dress makes you classy and the style you carry makes you fabulous. 

Pink Kanjivaram Silk Party  Saree

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Pink Kanjivaram Silk Party Saree

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